Depending on the package, and if multiple outfits are offered I would greatly encourage it! I’ve had clients wear everything from a dress, sweater and jeans, or even show clothes. I always recommend wearing whatever you are most comfortable in and that will be easy to handle a horse with. When you are uncomfortable it will show on camera so make sure you aren’t struggling with your outfit. Some women wear “spanks” or shorts under a dress so they feel “well” covered. High heels and wedges are discouraged, especially if we will be walking around in dirt or grass and finally being barefoot is just not safe. Wear colors that will make your horses coat “pop”. (If your horse is brown, don’t wear all brown.) Once your session is booked, we will discuss further to make the most of our fun time together.

I always highly recommend having your hair and makeup done professionally if you are able to, but it’s not required.


For the best images, the horse should be as clean as possible. I recommend them to be show-ring ready. The images will be taken primarily in a bridle, but if you have a nice leather halter and chain we can switch into for some shots it is also recommended. Simple metal snaffle bits are recommended for the best overall look. Bellow is a list of recommendations for getting the best image possible:


  • Entire body brushed and dirt free

  • Completely dry

  • Green spots removed

  • Mane and forelock brushed straight

  • Nose, mouth, and eyes wiped clean (bring a rag!)

  • Hooves painted

  • Bridle wiped down and clean

  • Bit shiny and wiped

  • Braided (looks stunning when possible!)

I also highly recommend that a second person be there (besides you/the handler)! I don't have assistant and having a second person to help their ear up and attention is highly advised to make the shoot go by smoother! I have several apps and tricks to accomplish this but it requires extra hands.

What if I don’t have a fancy tack for my horse?

If you feel like your horse isn’t too wild we can use a lead rope strategically placed and I can remove it in Photoshop later.

What if my horse is naughty and uncooperative?

It’s a good idea to brush up on your groundwork in the weeks leading up to your session. Make sure your horse can stand quietly at your side for more than a few seconds. We will work together at the session to do our best to get great photos.


I am fairly skilled when it comes to editing. For all horses, I will remove any scratches, scars, or marks on the horse’s face or body. I want to present the horse’s best possible appearance. I can also edit any face blemishes or dirt that may occur during the shoot. However, if the horse or tack is dirty, unkempt, or presented poorly I will not do any extensive edits without an additional editing fee. For the best result, follow the recommendations above.

If you have any extensive edit requests, please let me know during the session.


I don’t shoot with any artificial backdrops. The black background session is done with natural lighting from the entrance to a barn aisle or indoor arena. It is always best if I can close off the opposite end of a barn or ally way to make everything darker. Everything is edited out and digitally hand painted using Photoshop.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR BLACK BACKGROUND: Area next to the entrance clear of objects to have the widest opening possible. Sweep or rake the area as clean as possible.

Where do sessions take place?

90% of my sessions take place at the barn where the horse lives and is most comfortable. We can almost always find a spot that will work for a background. You can also trailer to a place of your choice if you feel that’s a better option for you and your horse.

What time of day is best for our photography session?

“Golden hour” which is the warm, soft, golden light found in the last two hours of the day, that’s when I schedule my sessions.

What if it rains on the day of my session?

It is best to reschedule. I know, it is a bummer.


This varies from session to session. Usually, I present 75-100 photos for one session. I only present my best work! From those we will choose your picks for the final edits and retouching to be done on.


Standard turn around time for my sessions is 2-4 weeks. You will receive an email with a link to your online gallery where you can download your digital files and purchase prints if desired.

How far in advance should I book?

It is best to schedule about 3-4 weeks ahead.

Do you photograph horse shows?

I will be at the horse shows my daughter is at but typically it would be hard to to a session there. The photos I take there are minimally edited and retouched “show” memories.

Do you photograph family portraits, engagements, weddings, newborns and non horse things?

I focus on horse and animal related sessions with their “humans” and not the other categories.